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Welcome to our website!

We are glad you found us. Perhaps we can mean anything for you!
We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

We are:

Reformed Church of Brunssum-Treebeek

In the beautiful region of Zuid-Limburg (Netherlands) we try to be a church of Jesus Christ.
Our church is just small, but we believe that by the grace of God we can do great things!

We want to be a church:

  • that is loyal to God and to the gospel of grace in Jesus Christ
  • that is obedient to the Bible as the Word of God
  • that is willing to spread the good news about Gods love in Christ throughout the world, in which we live in

You are welcome in our services! Every sunday we come together in the:

Ds. Boumastraat 1
6445 TJ  Brunssum

at 10.00 am and 05.00 pm!